torturous: (Surfin' teh intarwebs)
torturous ([personal profile] torturous) wrote2011-01-15 11:14 pm

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Dear Dr. Arkham,

Apparently it hasn't been brought to your attention yet, so let me do you a favor and tell you: inducing insanity is the shittiest treatment plan in the history of psychiatry. Every goddamn hallucination/attempt at deluding me further has been a waste of both of our time, even though I gotta give you points for the blonde. She was a nice touch, but nothing I couldn't imagine without the OD of sedatives or whatever the fuck you're using here. If I find out you told my lawyer I don't want to see his pussy ass, I will cut out your tongue and cram it so far down your throat that it will tickle your lower esophageal sphincter.

Hope the family is well.


Roman Sionis

PS: When I say "hope the family is well" I mean it sincerely. But that's because I want the privilege of being the one to introduce them to the wonderful world of heated, blunt objects.

PPS: Food's better than last time, though. Good job.

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