torturous: (child: (pb) teehee)
torturous ([personal profile] torturous) wrote2011-01-21 08:30 pm

003; video; and/or action for neighbors

[Who is this smartly dressed young lad sitting on a porch? Without a skull for a head or his adult voice, Roman is just any other neighborhood Dennis the Menace type kid (with a Mr. Wilson living on either side), and he has no qualms at all about acting the part. He smiles brightly for the camera.]

Detective Diddler's my dad and some skinny bastard is his husband, I think. Maybe his wife. Who knows, not important.

Anyway, judging from the poorly written notes I found hidden in a desk drawer, I think I'm the reason this guy--

[The video pans over to Slade's house.]

--has his curtains closed all the time. He also has a dog, a gun, and an eye patch. No surprises there.

[The video returns to show Roman holding up this note.]

So, Mr. Wilson. How many bodies do you have in the backyard?

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